About Me

 About Me !

ContactMe_FishingEver since I can remember, my parents would bring my sister and I outdoors for some sort of fun activities whether it was biking in a park, practicing our golf swings at a driving range, snowboarding in winter, or spending the whole day fishing, we’d always enjoyed the quality time spent together.

Being brought up in such a wonderful environment allowed me to learn so much (like how to set up a fishing rod for instance– it’s hard if you have no clue how to do it!) and made me realized what a privileged childhood I had!

ContactMe_helloNow working full-time as a mechanical engineer, I can tell you, finding time after work and during the weekend to do outdoor activities has indeed become much more difficult, but whenever I can, I’ll try to find some new activities and to see what kind of new adventures I can embark on!

Hope you’ll enjoy my site! My goal is really to share useful information and good deals that I’ve encountered during my trips and outdoor experiences. I love trying new things and am a big fan of adventures so let me leave you with a quote from my favourite animated movie “UP” that I try to live by:



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