Las Grietas

Early Morning Snorkel at Las Grietas


If you’ve never really snorkeled before, Las Grietas is the perfect place to practice that! It’s a little canyon with very calm and clear water…simply gorgeous!


      • Rating: 40star
      • Cost: FREE! (except for the water taxi which costs $0.60/person)
      • Location:

I did a bit of research online before our trip and it said that the best time to visit Las Grietas is early in the morning so we followed those instructions and headed to the main port to take the water taxis.


The ride was only a a few minutes long and we needed to walk roughly for 30 minutes before arriving at our destination. The trail was easy and was pretty scenic. My favourite part of the walk was coming across the path shown in the picture below…the way our shadows were casted on the ground made it super cool!


When we arrived, the view from the top was pretty neat. We took the wooden staircase down to the water level; the water was so clear we just couldn’t wait to jump in!


IMG_0823 IMG_0824

By the time we arrived, a few people were already there but it was still very quiet. We swam to the end of the first pond and we climbed over several slippery rocks to reach the second pool of water. I highly suggest wearing some sort of shoes because walking on the rocks was difficult and dangerous.


We snorkeled around (it was so beautiful!) and saw several fish there but nothing too exciting.

DSCN0632 DSCN0645

We didn’t want to risk injuring ourselves so we didn’t continue climbing over more rocks so instead we headed back. By the time we got back, it got pretty busy and it was only 10AM! So in order to skip the crowd, make sure you get their early…you’ll definitely enjoy the experience more!

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