North Seymour

Exciting Day Trip to North Seymour !

Before I even start describing the day trip to North Seymour, I just wanted to say, YOU HAVE TO DO THIS! I’m not joking, but you really don’t want to miss out on this amazing experience! If you are going to Galapagos to see blue-footed boobies and frigate birds…this is the island to go!


      • Rating:  MustDo
      • Cost: USD$175-$300 depending on the tour company and season
      • Location:


The morning of the day trip, a tour bus picked us up with our guide James and drove us to the north of Santa Cruz (bus ride of 40 mins) to take our pretty nice cruiser to North Seymour. The ride was roughly 1 hour long and upon arrival, we went snorkeling along the island. We saw many schools of fish and saw some sea lions on the shore. The guide told us there were 2 hammerhead sharks but we weren’t able to see them unfortunately 🙁

We went back on the cruiser for a decent lunch and then it was time to embark on to the island. We were following a loop trail and was told to not wander off to avoid disturbing the wildlife. The first animal we saw were land iguanas. The male ones are usually more colourful that the females.


Usually, there’s little motion with these reptiles, however, we were lucky to catch on tape a land iguana chowing down some leaves!

As we continued on our journey, from a distance, we saw little red balls on the trees. It turns out they were male frigates! We had arrived in their nesting area:


The puffed up chests of the male frigates are used to attract the females and it apparently takes them around 45 minutes to inflate/deflate!



The females are black and white and are definitely not as pretty as the male ones (Yea, not fair!)! We saw several female frigates with their babies…so cute!


We caught on tape of a mother frigate trying to regurgitate to feed her baby but unfortunately, she wasn’t able to do it 🙁

As for the babies, their distinct characteristic are their white heads. Even though some of them are the same size as their parents, they still sit on the nest, waiting for their parents to bring them food.


It was an amazing experience to see the frigates so up close (they were literally just 2 meters away from us and flying directly above our heads!), it’s really amazing to see them in their natural habitat!

For more footage of frigates, check out the video below!


At the end of the frigate bird nesting area, we came across the long-awaited animal I was desperately hoping to see ..BLUE-FOOTED BOOBIES!

I was so excited when I spotted one standing on a rock by itself…look how blue its feet are!


IMG_1211He just looked so calm and composed there while we slowly gathered around to snap pictures of him. As we continued on the trail, we were lucky enough to see two other blue-footed boobies standing on their own individual rocks!

One of the tourists with our group wanted to take a picture with them and went a bit too close to one of the birds and caused it to jump off the rock. I know we’re supposed to keep our distance but that move from the tourist gave us one of the most spectacular experiences, definitely one of my highlights of the trip: the cutest blue-footed boobie walk ever!

I love how the male boobie carefully placed his foot each time he took a step… he tried so hard to get the attention of the female but sadly he got denied!

We also saw some sea lions body surfing back to shore to meet up with their babies. We saw one baby sea lion eating sand…soooo adorable!

Overall, independent of how many days you are staying in Galapagos, a day trip to North Seymour is definitely a must do! Being so close to these animals in their natural habitat is just magical and I would unquestionably put this as my number one pick from my list of things to do in Galapagos!


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