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 What to Pack for Galapagos ?

Packing Guide Galapagos
Plane tickets to Galapagos booked? Checked. Planned your itinerary? Checked. So now the only thing left to do other than getting there is packing your luggage! Some may find this a hassle but for me,  packing brings out my excitement since I know I’ll be travelling soon! Based on my experience, here is my packing guide that will hopefully give you a better idea of what to bring with you on your adventure:

  • Lonely Planet Book: Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands
    • It was very handy to have this around! I downloaded this on my phone and it gave me useful restaurant suggestions and tourist attractions to visit. I was using the 9th edition version but the most recent one is the 10th edition…something definitely worth spending money on! 
  • Packing Cubes 
    • For those who don’t know what these are, I guarantee they will change your life forever! They are different sizes organizers for your suitcase that allows you to find your things efficiently and to pack more! It’s pretty incredible how much you can shove into one of them! I bought a 3-pack lightweight one from Travelon for myself on my business trip and fell in love with them so much I got it my mom and my sister for Christmas! Best purchase ever! (You can tell how much I love them just by the number of “!” I’ve used to describe them 🙂 )
  • Cash 
    • It’s hard to find ATM’s there and if you want to avoid paying huge fees when you take out money using your credit card, I’d suggest you bring enough cash to last through the trip!
  • Water bottle
    • Tap water isn’t drinkable in Galapagos so if you’re staying somewhere that provides filtered water, make sure you fill your water bottle up! Also, it saves you money from buying bottled water. I’d even bring more than one bottle if you can carry that with you! (Hint: You will not have access to water in some remote areas so if you run out, you won’t be able to go buy some!
  • Backpack
    • I was planning to carry my backpack with me 24/7 so lightweight was definitely one of my criteria when I was searching for one. MEC has a great selection of light backpacks so I would highly recommend checking it out. Or if you’re looking for durability, a Swiss Gear bag or a Pantagonia bag (I just bought one for my upcoming trip…super excited to try it out!) can also do the trick!
  • Backpack Rain Cover
    • Depending on the season, it can rain often in Galapagos so to avoid getting your belongings wet, I’d recommend bringing a rain cover. I bought a nylon one at MEC which cost $14 but you can find cheaper alternatives on Amazon like this rain cover for less than $10 (shipping included)! 
  • Snorkeling Gear
    • Although there are places to rent snorkeling gear, for hygienic reasons, I’d suggest bringing your own. There’s plenty of places you can just go snorkeling so having one handy is great! Nothing too fancy…something like this would do the trick.
  • Camera, charger, SD card
    • I highly suggest you bring a decent camera with you…don’t you want to capture all the miraculous wildlife you encounter during your trip?! I’m a amateur photographer so I recently bought the Sony a5100 DSLR camera…it’s super easy to use and the best part of all, you can flip the screen around to take SELFIES 😀
  • Waterproof camera
    • If you love capturing everything on video and have the money to spend, definitely buy a GoPro camera! It’s waterproof so you can take it snorkeling! If you’re cheap like me, a decent waterproof camera would do…I bought the Nikon Coolpix S33 camera for under $150…the video quality is pretty good but can’t say the same thing about the sound.

  • Poncho
    • Go to your closest dollar store to pick up one for less than $2…or if you want to save the hassle, you can also buy your poncho online too.
  • Motion Sickness Medication
    • If you’re going on a multiple day cruise, you definitely will be needing these! Since you’re stuck on the boat pretty much 24/7, it would really suck if you’re constantly sea sick. If you’re not taking a cruise, these can come in handy when you go on day trips too!
  • Insect Repellant
    • There aren’t that many mosquitoes in Galapagos but I still managed to get bitten (my blood somehow attracts these lovely insects…great -_-) so since I love spending time outdoors, I’ve tried quite a few brands of insect repellants and the one that works best for me is definitely Watkins!
  • Sun Screen
    • The sun is strong there, so protect yourself…don’t turn into a lobster! 
  • Tee’s and shorts
    • Bring enough cuz you’ll be sweating!
  • Light jacket 
    • It can get chilly at night so bring one just in case to keep you warm.
  • 2 pairs of shoes
    • I suggest bringing one pair of comfortable hiking shoes to walk on land and one pair of athletic sandals (similar to these) to walk in water. Not sure about you guys, but I hate getting my socks wet so the sandals will come in handy then!
  • Bathing Suits
    • Bring at least 2 bathing suits so you can let one dry off while you use the other one!
  • Beach Towel
  • Hat

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