Tortuga Bay

 Walking on the Soft White Sand Beach at Tortuga Bay


Who can say no to going to the beach when you’re on vacation? In Galapagos, Tortuga Bay is the perfect destination for that! A gorgeous white sand beach stretching approximately 1 km in length, what’s not to love about that!


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We had an early lunch at the Rock Cafe after we came back from Las Grietas in the morning and with our satisfied bellies, we started walking towards the entrance of Tortuga Bay. The entrance wasn’t that far from the main road but once we got there, HOLY MOLY, we needed to climb this crazy steep slope to get there (I’m not exaggerating but it was almost 45 degrees slant!). We made it to the top in roughly 5 mins, and needed to register to enter.


The registration booth sells bottled water and drinks so make sure you bring enough for the trip. Once you past this point, you won’t be able to buy anything.

The 2.5 km walk from the booth to the beach was quite a challenge since it went up and down pretty much the whole way. With the blazing sun right above our heads and barely any tall trees for shades, it felt like the trail was never ending.


Luckily, we reached the end of the trail and the moment we got a glimpse of the beach, we knew the long walk was definitely worth it!


The beach was spectacular! It had the whitest sand I’ve ever seen and immediately, we took our shoes off and started walking barefoot on the soft, clean sand.


The first beach had crazy waves so we were told it was only recommended for surfing. If we wanted to go for a swim, we would need to continue along the shore to a much calmer beach half a kilometre away. As we approached the second beach, we saw a group of marine iguana chillin’ around so we decided to join them…


The water at the second beach was much calmer and was indeed a better area to go swimming. Even though it was a tourist attraction, we did come across many locals who enjoyed the nice weather with their families. Overall, other than the long trail to get to Tortuga Bay, it’s definitely a great place to spend an afternoon!


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