Mackerel Fishing at Gaspesie

 Fishing for Mackerel in Gaspesie

If you happen to be on vacation in Gaspesie, Quebec during late July and early August, one thing you should definitely try is fishing for mackerel!


  • Cost: FREE!
  • Time: End of July/Early August
  • Location:

Check out our video of us fishing for mackerel for the first time!

StarLilAsianCheck out how crazy the mackerel moves its body (see 0:12 min of the clip above)! I’ve never seen anything like it! Definitely a good workout for your arm lol 

It’s a pretty fun fish to catch because they like to struggle so once you get one hooked on, you can feel the line pulling you around. The ones we caught were rather small in size (between 8-12 inches long) so it didn’t take much effort to reel them in…so it’s definitely an activity for all ages!

Since we’ve been to Gaspesie a few times, we knew that this time of the year was the season for mackerel fishing so we dropped by an Information Center at Perce and asked them where would be a good spot for us to try out this activity. They recommended a pretty hidden dock right between Gaspe and Perce. It was so hidden that we nearly missed the turn the first time since there was no sign. To our surprise, after driving through a quiet dirt road, we saw several cars parked along the side with roughly a dozen people fishing along the dock. We knew we had found the right place!

After spending a couple of hours of trial-and-error and observing the fishermen around us, we’ve mastered the trick to catching them:

1.  Cast as far as you can from shore

Mackerels don’t come too close to shore so to increase your chances, you need to cast as far as you can. If you can get a spot on the very end of the dock, that would be even better. Just be careful since that area of the dock is the most popular spot to stand so people crowd around there. Instead of hooking on to a fish, someone might end up hooking you instead :S

2. Buy mackerel lures

So to follow up on the first point, in order for you to cast further out, there are special mackerel baits that do the trick. When we dropped by a fishing shop, the owner suggested the baits shown below. They’re quite heavy since the whole body is made of lead. It took us some time to adjust to the added weight but with no time, my casts was flying so far I didn’t know I was capable of doing that. You can check out these lures here.

mackerel-baitAfter 5 hours of fishing , we managed to crack our glow-in-the-dark bait (didn’t even know fishing baits can get thaaat fancy lol).


Another type of bait that was suggested to us were the Sabiki rigs (the lures with feathers). On one fishing line, you would have 4-6 feathers and hooks attached to it. My dad tried it out but our success rate was definitely higher with the other lures!


After a long day of fishing, we were very tired and hungry but we were definitely excited since we came home with a bucket of 26 mackerels in total! CRAAAZZZYYY!!

bucket of mackerel

My poor parents had to clean and gut the fish but in no time, we were ready for our big feast!

Meal: BBQ Mackerel 

bbq mackerel 1

BBQ mackerelCooking the fish we just caught on the grill while admiring the ocean view of our chalet…what more can I ask for? All we did was marinate the mackerel with some salt, pepper, and oil and voila…delicious dinner is served!


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12 Responses to Mackerel Fishing at Gaspesie

  1. Peter says:

    Hi is it possible to fish mackeral from shore in winter

    • outdoorsherman says:

      I’ve only been during the summer and know that July/August is the season to fish for mackerel so I’m not sure if you can do that during winter!

  2. Mj says:

    I’m an Ontario resident, leaving for Gaspe for mackeral fishing but can’t find info ANYWHERE in regards to the fishing laws. Do I need a Quebec fishing licence? Or is it legal just to bring a rod and start fishing . …?

  3. SR says:

    I heard that it doesn’t need fishing license to fish mackerel at Gaspesie. Now I am bit confused.

  4. George says:

    I would like to rent a boat for fishing mackerel. Do you have such an opportunity and what is the price? thank you

    • outdoorsherman says:

      Hi George! Unfortunately I don’t have any information on renting a boat to fish for mackerel. Sorry about that! But if you do find somewhere to do that, feel free to share this info with us!

      • Ferdinand says:

        Hi! In 2017 we went to Chandler where my wife able to book a motel for us and our friends, being new to the region we don’t know where to fish mackerel. On our second day, we explored the area and fish at the dock in Percé after 5 PM. If you want to rent a boat, go to L’anse Beaufils. Unfortunately, they don’t operate this year because of the pandemic, my wife called several times

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