Snorkeling with Seals at Parc Forillon

 Snorkeling alongside Seals at Gaspesie 

SealheadSo you’ve heard of swimming with dolphins…but have you ever heard of snorkelling with seals?!  We only found out about it after we came across one episode of the Rick Mercer Report (click here to see the clip) and both my sister and I were like…WE HAVE TO DO IT!

The place is called Plongée Forillon and it’s located at Grande-Grave, Forillon Park .

Plongee Forillon

  • Cost: $75 for the activity + $7.80 Entrance Fee to the Park (click here for more info)
  • Duration: ~3 hours (minimum 1 hour in the water)
  • Website:
  • Location:

Even in July, the water is pretty chilly (around 13 °C) so they fully equip you with wetsuit and snorkelling gear. It was my first time wearing the suit and wow, who knew wearing a wetsuit can be this difficult! I think it took me a good 15 minutes!


Our zodiac boat ride took only 15 mins and when we got there, we noticed several seals sunbathing on the rocks near the shore. I don’t know why…but every time I see one lying there, it just reminds me of a big fat sweet potato! Lol. Look…does it not look like one?!


Baby seals are very curious creatures and like to sneak up behind you so my sister, cousin, and I kept our eyes wide open, making sure we catch any visible movement. Another group of tourist became impatient and had started observing a lobster instead….LAME…but at this exact moment, we spotted a seal head popping in front of us!

Watch our whole snorkelling adventure below! I’m telling you, the baby seals are so adorable, this is definitely an activity you don’t want to miss!!


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