Bass Fishing @ Gatineau Park

 Fishing for Bass at Gatineau Park 

So if you’re looking for somewhere fun to fish (and a high possibility of catching something– no guarantees though!), then you should definitely spend a day at Gatineau Park!

Gatineau Park

  • Cost: $12 Entrance Fee + $51 Canoe Rental for the day (*updated August 2018)
  • Location:

I’m no fishing expert but the last 5 times I was at Gatineau, I’ve managed to catch over 6 bass each time so there’s a pretty good chance you’ll catch something (last time, my sister caught a stunning 22 bass)! You can either fish on the shore or spend the day on a canoe (highly recommend going with the 2nd option!).

The types of fish you usually catch are largemouth and smallmouth bass. The major difference is…yes you’ve guessed it…the size of their mouth. Another noticeable difference is their stripes (largemouth bass has horizontal stripes while smallmouth bass has vertical ones).


Here’s an underwater footage of our dinner (I mean the fish we caught):

We love to use these green-ish colour worm baits… they never let us down! Our family went fishing in summer 2018 and all 8 of us caught at least one fish! Even my little cousin who’s never fished before were able to catch bass with these. They work like a charm! You can check them out here.


Here are a few more pics of our trip 🙂baby bass 2

Look at the baby bass I caught! So tiny!

canoe bassbaby bass   canoe

And now…after a long day of fun under the sun…comes the best part of all…eating the free food you caught!

Meal 1: Steamed Fish with Ginger, Scallion, and Soya Sauce


If you order fresh fish in a Chinese resto, this is exactly how it would be served since this is the #1 way of cooking fresh Asian Style! Due to its simplicity, you get to really taste the fish and the soya sauce just adds to the flavour. Plus, us asians love to eat every part of the animal so cooking it this way, nothing gets wasted!


Did you know the best part of a fish is the cheek? It is the most succulent part…so next time, make sure you don’t miss out on that!


Meal 2: Fish ‘N Chips

fish n chip

Ahhh…there’s something about fried food that I just can’t resist…what can I say…just LOVE ‘EM! Add a slice of lemon and tartar sauce…mmmm….DELICIOUS!

Check out the video below to learn more about Gatineau Park! It’s definitely a great day trip destination from Montreal!


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