Vespa Tour in Tuscany

Exploring Italy on a Vespa !

When my sister told me she found a vespa tour in Florence, I was both super excited and nervous because I had a horrible experience in Cuba where I almost ran over my friend…so yeah, I was scared! So I asked my sister if I could sit behind her as a passenger and her immediate response was “Are you crazy?! Get your own vespa!”. She was right…I couldn’t let that memory ruin the experience of a lifetime so I said screw it, vespa tour here I come!

Riding our vespas in Tuscany


Check out the video montage of our Tuscany Vespa Tour!

That morning, we headed over to the meeting point which was at the bike shop at 9:30am sharp and met our tour guides Alessio & Filippo. We filled up some forms and waited for the rest of the group to arrive. We were only 6 people and we found out only my sister & I were riding vespas while the remaining people booked a bike tour instead (sweeeeeet…private tour 🙂 )! Actually, we were pretty lucky since Filippo had called up the night people saying that we might had to cancel since they didn’t have enough people but fortunately, last minute reservations came up so we were good to go!

We got in a minivan and drove to the countryside of Tuscany. Our fist stop was at a castle which had a winery inside. We climbed up to the top of the tower and enjoyed a marvellous view of the area. Next, they let us sample some wine and olive oil with bread and brought us to the store to buy some as souvenirs. I got to say, the olive oil was much tastier than the ones we get in Canada!

Visiting the winery inside the castle Visiting the winery inside the castle Wine tasting

Finally, it was vespa time! The group was split as we headed our separate ways to get our helmets. With our gear, we hopped on to a minivan to go to a nearby parking lot. Filippo was our instructor and he was awesome and very patient! He gave us all the knowledge we needed to drive the vespa and before we know it, we were driving it…I couldn’t believe it! At first it was a bit wobbly but after several tries, we were in control! He encouraged us to do practice a couple of more laps until he felt we were comfortable to go on the road.

Riding on a vespa

As we got out of the parking lot, it was a bit scary since there were cars around but once we made it to the main road, all was history! I was simply enjoying the beautiful scenery and the fact that I was driving a vespa in Italy…whaaaaaat??!!

Beautiful winery in Tuscany Admiring the beautiful winery

We were getting hungry so we drove back to the parking lot and stopped for lunch at Osteria Del Molino. Our lunch was included as part of our tour and we ended up having a tasty homey meal which included 3 types of pasta (fusilli with pancetta, spicy spaghetti, and veggie penne), gelato, and cappuccino.

Eating pasta for lunch Eating gelato at lunch Drinking coffee at lunch

With a satisfied stomach, we headed back to our vespas and began our afternoon adventure. This time we started in the valley and worked our way up the hills. With the sun shining above us, wind blowing on our faces, and an amazing scenery…I haven’t felt this free in ages!

Unfortunately, all wonderful moments have to end at one point or another so it was time to say goodbye to our vespas as we headed pack to the castle. We returned our helmets and took and took the minivan back to town.

Tuscany Vespa Tours Office

I highly recommend this tour for anyone! The guides were super professional which made the whole experience amazing! I’m telling you…it really made me want to buy a vespa :)! This was definitely one of the best tours I’ve ever done…I promise you won’t regret it! Exploring Tuscany on a vespa…seriously…can it get any better than that?!

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