Gaspesie: Things to do in Gaspe Peninsula

 Top Fun Activities To Do in Gaspesie  !

Kayaking in Gaspesie to Rocher Perce

If you’re looking for a fun road trip close to Montreal, then you should definitely consider the Gaspesie region. Growing up, my dad loved taking us on road trips and Gaspe Peninsula was one of his favourite places to go. He fell in love with region so much we’ve been there 4 times! There are lots of fun activities especially if you like the outdoors! We’ve gone fishing for mackerel, hiking and bird watching on Bonaventure Island, kayaking around Rocher Perce, biking along the coast, and snorkeling with seals…and the list goes on! If you do plan to spend a few days there, here are some activities you don’t want to miss!

Best Things to do in Gaspesie
  Kayaking to the Perce Rock
  Fishing for Mackerel
  Go Snorkeling with Seals

Kayaking to Perce Rock (aka Rocher Percé)

Imagine admiring the Perce Rock up close on a kayak…doesn’t that sound amazing?! Ever since we were kids, we would sit at the wharf and watch kayakers paddle in the distance towards the big rock and we told ourselves one day, we will do that too! So finally, on our 4th trip to Gaspesie, we went for it! The weather wasn’t great that morning but we were provided with all the necessary equipment so it kept us warm. We had tandem kayaks (so I shared mine with my sister and my dad went with our younger cousin) and off we paddled to the Perce Rock. Luckily, the sky cleared up as we approached our destination and we were able to admire all the different types of birds that made its nest on the rock! We looped around it and it was quite an experience to see it from the front since from the shore, we’d only be able to see the back of it. On the way back, we even saw a seal sunbathing on a rock! We had a blast and I’d definitely say it’s a great activity for the whole family.

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Mackerel Fishing

If you like fishing, then you must pass by Gaspesie end of July and early August since it’s the season to catch mackerel!  You can easily spend a day on the dock, casting and reeling these fish in. The ones you catch aren’t very big but they are quite the fighter so it’s actually quite fun to reel them in. There are a few techniques you to need to get a hold of in order to catch them but in general, it’s pretty easy so I’m sure you can just learn it by watching the other fishermen. My family and I had so much fun that we spent 2 afternoons there. We caught several and brought it back to our chalet to put in on the BBQ…there’s just something about catching your own food that makes it extra tasty! It’s really the perfect activity for old and young alike.

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Snorkeling with Seals

Have you ever heard of swimming with seals?! Me neither…well… until I found out we could do that in Gaspesie!  In Forillon Park, there’s a company that provides these tours where you’re provided with a wet suit and snorkeling gear and they take you out to along the shore to encounter these super cute creatures. Baby seals are super curious so they would swim right up to you or follow you around. I went with my sister and my cousin and we all LOVED it!

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Here is a map showing where the activities are in Gaspesie!

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