How to Save on the Eurail Pass

How to Get the Eurail Pass for Cheap !


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When I was planning for my first ever Europe trip, I knew I wanted to take the train to go from city to city because I wanted to see the gorgeous scenery! I know airfare within Europe is cheap but the downside for me is you don’t really get to see anything and the amount of time wasted to go through security and to wait for boarding is simply insane! So with that in mind, I knew I wanted to buy the Eurail Pass to get around!

For our trip, we were planning to spend 3 weeks in Italy & Austria so since I’m a crazy planner, I started looking into our budget and things were adding up fast! Hotels, Airbnb, tours, activities, transportations… we knew it would make a dent in our wallets but hey, it’ll be an epic experience! Transportation was one of the big items on our list of expenses so I wanted to check if there are any ways we could SAVE (this is a very important word for us Asians…we love our coupons! 🙂 )! And after doing some research and from my personal experience…there are definitely ways to save on your Eurail Pass!!

Tip #1: Look for promos on the Eurail website

On the Eurail site, every few months or so, they’ll have deals where they give you extra travel days. So let’s say you’re planning to buy a pass for 5 days for $400, with the promo, you’ll get 6 days for the same price! Or another way of thinking of it is, you’ll only be paying for a 4 day pass (which is cheaper than the 5 day one) but you get 5 days so you save on a day!

Also, another neat thing is you can buy the pass in advance; you just need to activate it within the next 11 months before it expires. So if you see a promotion going on and you know you’re planning to visit Europe, you can buy it immediately!

Promotion for Eurail Pass

Tip #2: If you’re traveling in a group, buy the pass together

I only found out as I was buying the pass that if you’re always traveling together, there’s a button you can click and it gives you 15% off! I know that if you’re traveling with other friends, it might be easier to each get one, but I mean, if you’re always going to be together and you trust the person, I don’t see a problem with sharing one! (Just make sure you give the pass to the more trustworthy one…which between my sister and I…that would be me 🙂 – I hope she doesn’t read this 😛 ).

So to put it in more simpler math, let’s say your pass is $400, by getting just one to share, you save $60 each! That’s a pretty good deal, no?!

Eurail Save by Buying Pass Together

Hope you’ll find these tips useful and will help you save a few extra bucks on your trip to Europe! If you have any questions or comments or if you have other cool ways of saving money on the Eurail Pass, feel free to share them below!

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