Trip to Italy

Italy was the first country we visited in Europe and we absolutely loved it! This country is home to Rome, one of the biggest empire of all time, so you can imagine the crazy history behind it. Every step we took, it felt like there was so much history to it. Every building and sculpture was created to perfection with every little detail carefully carved out…it was simply fascinating! Everything was so grand…the Colosseum, Duomo, Vatican City… stepping inside all these landmarks was so breathtaking…you’d ask yourself how on Earth did they build this?!

Can’t believe gladiators once fought inside here! #colosseum #travel #italy #rome #cantbelieveimhere #europetrip

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The impressive Duomo! #Italy #Florence #duomo #travel #europetrip #cantbelieveimhere #amazing

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As for their food…what more can I say…delicious! We literally stuffed ourselves with their 3 P’s: Pizza, Pasta, and Paninis. Other than those 3 P’s, some of the dishes we tasted on our food adventure included carciofi alla giudea (fried artichoke), trippa alla romana (roman-style tripe) , fried mixed seafood with anchovies, Bistecca alla Fiorentina (Florentine steak), cannoli, and how can I forget GELATO…we literally ate one everyday we were there!

Things to do in Italy

When we were in Italy, we spent a great deal of time walking around, admiring the city and its culture. We visited many churches and museums, and although we did enjoy them, my sister and I love the outdoors so we’re always searching for fun activities we can try out! Here is a list of activities we suggest you try out when visiting this beautiful country!

  Vespa Tour in Tuscany  MustDo
  Kayaking in Venice  MustDo
  Exploring Cinque Terre  MustDo

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