Montreal and its Surroundings

My parents love the outdoors so growing up in Montreal, they took us everywhere and we were lucky to be introduced to so many fun outdoor activities. Due to where Montreal is located, we are fortunate to experience all 4 seasons, allowing us to try all sorts of different activities like kayaking, canoeing, camping, and fishing in the summer to skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, and skating in the winter.


Although Montreal is a small island and might have limited access to outdoor activities but what’s great about it is that it is surrounded by nature and a short drive out of the city can bring you there. So for those who live in Montreal or are simply visiting for a few days, take advantage of what this city has to offer and get out there!

Things to do in Montreal

As I mentioned before, since Montreal is just a step away from nature, I’ve formed a list of activities that is within a few hours’ drive from Montreal that I believe is worthwhile to do. Go try it out and feel free to leave me some comments and feedbacks below on how your experience was! I’d love to hear all about it!

  Ice Fishing at La Madeleine Fishing Center  MustDo
  Ice fishing at (pêche aux petits poissons des chenaux)
  Kayaking at Parc des Milles Illes
  Tree trekking
  White water Rafting at Lachine Rapids
  Apple Picking in Oka


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